Jonathans Birthday outing with the family

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
Well, today is not only Mothers Day, but my middle sons 9th birthday as well.  So we woke up early this morning, got the family showered and ready and headed out for a Mothers Day/Birthday breakfast at the local Denny’s.  Luckily we went early enough so it wasn’t too full. After breakfast, we headed to the movie theater to watch the first showing of Iron Man 2 (10am) hoping that noone would be there.  We arrived at the theater at 9:15am, purchased our tickets and headed for the theater.  WOOHOO, noone was in there.  Unfortunately, that didnt last very long as by 9:45am, the theater was at about 75% capacity.  The movie started and the boys actually behaved, sat down and watched about 3/4 of the movie before the little one wanted to be in mommy’s arms.  Other than that, it was a perfect morning.  The movie started off pretty slow, but picked up and was a pretty decent movie.  Of course, we waited after the credits to roll to see what extra segment they would show.  All I can say is ‘The hammer has been dropped’ 🙂

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