Arrived in Indianapolis (FINALLY, no thanks to AirTrans in GA)

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, to say the least, the wife and I are displeased with AirTrans outta Georgia. Here’s what happened! We arrived in Georgia on time and walked a few terminals down to where our flight was supposed to be leaving. We get there and BAM! flight delay. We were supposed to depart at 10:20am but flight was delayed till 10:55am. By the time our Zone started to board, it was about 11am. We sat in the terminal for about 15 minutes. Then we started taxiing. Due to many flights, it took about 20 minutes worht of taxxing to finally get lined up to take off, then WHAM, we hear the captain over the loud speaker that we have to return to the terminal due to a faulty sensor. We return to the terminal (which takes another 10-15 minutes due to high flight traffic). He then tells us that maintenance is going to check if they have the part and if they do, it will take approximately another 30 minutes to fix. This brings a loud moan from the passengers on the airplane. SOme passengers disembark to get refreshments and stuff as none were offered to coach class passengers, only business class passengers. After waiting about 45 minutes, the captain comes over the loudspeaker and says that the problem was fixed and that we will be leaving shortly. A sigh of relief comes from us passengers. All passengers make it back onto the plane minus one. Luckily he disembarked with his luggage or EVERYONE would have to leave the plane and all luggage would be checked. After taking about 15 minutes to taxi, we lift off with no further delays.
Once we get to Indianapolis, it takes about 10 minutes in baggage claim for our suitcase to come out on the conveyor belt and we hail a taxi. Not being used to Indy taxi prices, my jaw hit the floor when the taxi fare came out to $31.95 on a taxi ride that would have cost about $10-$12 in Miami. We check into our hotel (Super 8) and decide we are going to take a bus to downtown Indy to get our supplies from Will Call booth. There we HUNDREDS of people getting their stuff from the will call booths, but it took only about 10 minutes to get our envelopes. Unfortunately, the event tickets that I got for the wife were not in her envelope so we will have to hit the will call booth in the morning on Thursday and get that straightened out. All things considered, we are happy to finally be in Indy for our first GenCon 🙂


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