GenConIndy (Day 2) Exhibition hall walk-through

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Day 2 at the ‘Con’ was pretty cool. We got to paint our first minis at the Paint and Take miniature booth right outside the Sagamore Ballroom. The wonderful young lady that was working the booth (Lyn) was great. We had a blast even when waiting for almost 30-40 minutes to be seated. While we were waiting, I took a sneak peef into the Sagamore ballroom where Wizards of the Coast runs their Dungeons and Dragons games. We walked around the tables and scoped out several DM goodies for us to look into while walking the exhibition hall. We checked out Alea Tools ( GenCon booth #1635). hey have this magnet set to mark your minis (ie. bloodied, ongoing damage, etc) that we really liked. Diana had seen one GM with a magnetic GM board that listed initiative order, damages, etc. from Paizo publishing. Came back to the hotel sorta early since Indy fails in the public transportation department. We also looked at Fat Dragon Games ( at their gaming terrain. They have a special for ALL their terrains for $90. ¬†Definitely worth checking out.


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