GenCon Indy, Day 2

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The day started off bad, woke up late. Forgot to set the alarm on the iPhone so had to skip a few demos and head directly to the This Just In podcast (@TJIPodcast) with my buddy Daniel Perez (far right) and his partner, Rich (far left).

From there, we headed to lunch. Luckily, there was NO line and they actually had pizza (unlike yesterday). Ate that and then headed to the dealers hall. Bought a Yu-Gi-Oh binder and several booster packs for my son. Then walked around and went over to my buddies at Fat Dragon games ( to get their EZ Dungeons 3 and Cliffside sets. Tom, the owner, is great. As my son was playing M:TG on the PS3, Diana was talking with Marooned, the pirate singers. Bought several of their music CD’s and had a nice conversation with them about maybe heading to Deerfield Beach for the Florida Ren Faire.
Then we headed to the Sagamore Ballroom to play The Legend of Drizzt D&D boardgame. We all had fun playing this.

We also picked up a card game called Redakai (same as the cartoon on the Cartoon Network).  Its a 3-d card battling type game.  Really cool.  If you like those type of games, I highly recommend picking this one up.




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