GenCon Indy followup!

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last day in Indianapolis as we wait in the Super 8 lobby on our taxi to the airport.  Diana and Chris are playing Redakai while I type up this blog post and as we charge all our electronics for a long trip home.  I am saddened a bit that this week FLEW by and another GenCon is over and done with.  In hind sight, I think we did just about everything we wanted except get some more mini painting in.  Only had a 1 hour beginners class and thats it.  The Killer Breakfast was great.  We had a blast talking afterwards with Tracy and Laura Hickman.  We spent quite a bit in the dealer’s hall, but all in all, happy with our purchases.  We had planned on going in the pool at the hotel, just couldn’t fit it in our time.  By the time we hit the hotel every night, we basically went right to sleep.  Pretty much laid off the BAD foods.  My blood sugar increasingly went down daily on our trip.  Met many wonderful people that I have either met last year or have talked to on the GenCon forums, tweeted with, or facebooked with (why does that sound naughty?).  Unfortunately, we were not able to eat at Bynums steakhouse nor hang out with @Kat Armstrong, but maybe next year.



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