Reflections of 9/11

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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September 11, 2001

I remember that day like it was yesterday even though it was 10 years ago. I was staying with my mother-in-law in Maitland FL (outside Orlando). I worked till 1am that morning at Dominoe’s and finally got to sleep around 3 am. My wife had just got home from taking our son to school that morning. I woke up just as the first plane hit the first tower. I remember wondering ‘what the hell happened to make a plane hit the WTC’? As watching the coverage of that, I saw the second plane banking behind it as it was making an approach on the second tower. And stood in shock as we watched it hit the second tower live on TV. I remember people jumping to their deaths to escape the tremendous heat from the fires. Then we received the phone call from the school that they were closing the school, to come pick up our son. We went to pick him up and Orlando was a ghost town. There was rumors that Orlando was a target for a possible terrorist attack. We stayed watching the news all day as they were trying to make heads or tails out of the days events. I called friends who were on the police force and were in the military to find out what they were told and make sure all was well. Everyone we talked to were in as much shock as we were. My heart sank as we were watching the events unfold as they did and heard about the third plane hitting the pentagon and then about the fourth plane that the courageous passengers brought down before it hit its intended target (still speculation about where it was headed). This is the first time I had ever felt that we were not safe on American soil. Having worked in law enforcement at a military installation, I knew that what was being passed on the the public was just tidbits. I knew we were under attack. I knew that being in a major tourist town such as Orlando, there was a possibility of an attack much closer to home. I went to work that afternoon and while delivering pizza’s, I had never seen anything like I did that day. Orlando was a ghost town. Noone was on the streets. Everyone was home watching the news unfold. I still to this day get choked up when thinking about the events that happened on that somber day. My heart and prayers go out to all those that died needlessly that day and friends and families that were affected by that horrendous attack that day. And to all those that are fighting for our rights as Americans, God Bless you and your families and friends. Let us NEVER EVER forget about those that gave, and still to this day, give their lives for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today as Americans.


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