Diana’s 40th Birthday

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

10866275_10205007925170565_7936444947873598415_o 10847428_10205007926970610_7586482576481254227_o 10997381_10205007928170640_4702963025657194764_o

Had a great time for Diana’ 40th birthday celebration.  We ended up at Miccosukee Indian Village and event went on an air boat ride (for the first time I might add).


While at the Miccosukee Indian village, we took a tour and got to meet several people including our cool tour guide (whom also did some alligator wrestling for us).  He calls this photo the Florida Smile.


This got the crowd going.  We also got to meet several indians that made items that were available to sell in the gift shop.  While on our airboat ride, we saw a couple wild alligators.

1504275_10205007986892108_196368882617425637_o 11024754_10205007987532124_1736008528253261855_o

Diana was finally able to get a few shots of me in the wild as well 😉

11025902_10205007932730754_5229591268775610880_o 10733931_10205008028373145_8404988837794004524_o 10845788_10205007993172265_9017115711965977097_o



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