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I LOVE IT!! I have been having problems and go around with Magellan GPS. I have sent them over 7 emails and spoken to them on the phone since Jun 2 ’13. I have posted on FB 3 times on Magellan timeline. Yesterday I cut & pasted on NUMEROUS other people post with the same problems of what I’ve done with NO results. I went on Magellan GPS today and I cannot make any “comments” or get anywhere that I can make a comment on someone else’s page. It has been over 3 weeks and no answer or resolution to problem. HMMmmm I wonder if Magellan has locked me out of there site??  


A coworker has been given the run around by MagellanGPS ( for several weeks over an issue with the software saying he has map updates available but when he goes to the site to get the updates, the server says he has the latest update.  He has been talking with several customer service representatives and tech support specialists to no avail.  Now, his posts on the MagellanGPS FB page have been removed and he has been blocked from their site.  Please help me in spreading the word.



Just got off the phone with customer service (STRETCHING the term ‘service’). Wifes watch was shipped back to them as it was damaged when she opened it. They ‘supposedly’ shipped it back to us and was refused delivery on Friday at 6:40pm (we were sitting there eating dinner). Called them on Monday and they said they would reship it on Tuesday. Received email Thursday stating they were refunding for the watch (only partial, not even the full amount). Called today and spoke to supervisor (Gloria Delray) who’s answer to us was just order a new one. If I had wanted a refund, I would have asked for a refund. This was the wife’s birthday present and we really wanted the watch. Now we have to wait for the 2 refunds to go back into our bank (7-10 days) and will NOT be buying from them again. I would rather pay FULL PRICE for a watch then pay 80% for a watch that is damaged and have to go through this hassle of trying to deal with incompetent ‘qualified customer service reps’. My suggestion, stay FAR away from World of Watches. reply: Hi Brian, we’re so sorry to hear you’ve had a less than pleasant experience with us. Please know that our customers are our #1 priority.We will work quickly to expedite your refund and although it seems your mind is made up about doing business with us, we hope that you reconsider as we strive to bring our customers quality products at unparalleled prices. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we hope that we can better serve you in the near future.

My reply: Spoke with the wife about it and she is very displeased with how your customer service reps handled the situation. Maybe if I can get a customer service rep from the corporate office to call and see how this could have been handled better or how this situation could be remedied, she might be swayed into ordering the watch again. However, without a person taking initiative to try and keep us as customers, I can’t see that happening. On another note, myself and several other friends have ordered and have been pleased with the service and products. I just can’t believe that this was how my wifes situation was handled and was very shocked to see that the response to her was, “Oh well just go online and order it again.” That to me is not ‘customer service’.