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We have acquired our HOTEL, CAR RENTAL, and BADGES for #GenCon2015 July 30 – August 2, 2015.  This year it will be a family vacation for our middle and youngest son with us as our oldest will PROBABLY be in Lackland AFB for US Air Force BASIC training.


Image Well I have started preparing for the best 4 days in gaming.  I have purchased our plane tickets, our event badges and have reserved our hotel room at the Canterbury Hotel.  Excited to return after missing last years event.  This will be our 3rd year attending.  Some events we are looking forward to are Hickman’s Killer Breakfast (even though no breakfast is ever served), Miniature painting classes with Lyn from Metal Head Minis (@MetalHead_Minis), and some D&D events.  Once the events go live in May, I will start working on posting our event itinerary here in case anyone wants to meet up.

Good morning!  This is the will call line for this morning.  There had to be at least 500-600 people in the line.  Yesterday, the line was half the length and it STILL took 45 minutes to get our will-call items.  Next year I am going to get the items shipped to my house with insurance.

We first started off with the Basic Chainmail dice bag.  We all had a great time.  Its alot harder than it looks. I almost finished mine, Diana and Chris still need to do quit a bit. Jessica & Matt were crazy, but very helpful.  I just wish I was able to finish it.  Now I dont think it will ever be finished.

Then we went to go TRY to find food.  First place, no meat.  Second place, only two slices of OLD pizza.  Third place, the hamburgers were still frozen so we had to wait for 15 minutes to get burgers.

After lunch, we walked around the Dealer’s Hall to pass some time till Chris’ event to make his foam sword.  Chris bought a box of 200 Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  After that, he went to his last event of the day, Learn to play LOTR card game while the wife and I went upstairs for our Cardstock Modeling class.

Then we left and jumped on a broken bus that kept overheating so no a/c.  Hope we don’t have to go through that ever again.  Then dinner at Bob Evans (since Chris had never eaten there).  That was a mistake.  I ordered the meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn and it arrived ICE COLD.  Had to send it back.  By the time they brought it back, Chris and Diana had finished their dinner and I lost my appetite.  Hopefully breakfast is better.

Now we are back at the hotel looking at things we picked up and reading on how to play some games.