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Image Well I have started preparing for the best 4 days in gaming.  I have purchased our plane tickets, our event badges and have reserved our hotel room at the Canterbury Hotel.  Excited to return after missing last years event.  This will be our 3rd year attending.  Some events we are looking forward to are Hickman’s Killer Breakfast (even though no breakfast is ever served), Miniature painting classes with Lyn from Metal Head Minis (@MetalHead_Minis), and some D&D events.  Once the events go live in May, I will start working on posting our event itinerary here in case anyone wants to meet up.


Today was the busiest day of our GenCon 2011 trip.  Got up at 5am to shower and get ready.  Unfortunately the toilet refused to flush so had to get maintenance to come and fix it. Waited around till 6am but they didn’t show up so had to go back down to the front desk to find out where they were and eat continental breakfast while waiting.  After eating breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to see if the toilet was fixed which it was.  Got ready and called a taxi as I really didn’t want to have to walk the couple of miles to the bus stop.  The taxi got us to the convention center in approximately 10 minutes (as opposed to 30-35 minutes had we taken the bus). At approximately 8am, we headed to room 500 for the Hickman’s Killer Breakfast.  We ended up being about tenth in the observers line which gave us a GREAT seat.  Chris had no clue what to expect and was happily surprised.  Tracy and Laura did not disappoint.  If you attend GenCon and do NOTHING else, attend the Killer Breakfast.  It is WELL worth the price.  And this year, Tracy did 2 breakfasts, one on Friday morning and his original on Saturday morning.  From there, we had grabbed lunch and then off to the comedy show, Who’s Line Is It Anyways.  This was hilarious.  If you have ever seen the TV show, this is just like that with a slight gamers edge.  Diana and Chris went up on stage several times.  Absolutely worth the ticket.  We will be doing this again next year.  We had to leave there slightly early so we could make it to our miniature painting class.  Michelle ( or was a great teacher.  We then ran into Lyn Stahl (search her on Google+ and tell her I sent ya) that we met last year at the miniature family paint and take last year.  Hopefully she will read this post and get in touch with the wife and I.  After the class, we ran downstairs to catch the costume parade.  Many great costumes.

From there we headed back to the dealers hall and the Bandai ( to spin for Naruto booster packs.  Chris won three, I won a deck case and Diana won a double booster pack.  Then off to the Reaper minis booth ( to purchase the GenCon exclusive 12 paint case and bought the LAST three brushes they had (which upset several people that were there including one that was in the mini painting class with us).   From there, we headed to the XDM booth with Tracy and Laura Hickman to sign up for the Dragon’s Bard Blackshore ( or treasure chest and purchase the book.  We even picked up Tracys newest book, Citadels of the Lost.  Spoke with Tracy and Laura a bit and they even agreed to take a picture with Chris.  They are such a great couple and very approachable and will talk with their fans.  They even extended a personal invitation to Chris to join them up on stage next year to die an extra special death.  This really made my son feel good and he agreed he would.

And for our final planned event of the day, we went over to the Fantasy Flight Games ( for Chris and Diana to demo the card game Rune Age.