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I LOVE IT!! I have been having problems and go around with Magellan GPS. I have sent them over 7 emails and spoken to them on the phone since Jun 2 ’13. I have posted on FB 3 times on Magellan timeline. Yesterday I cut & pasted on NUMEROUS other people post with the same problems of what I’ve done with NO results. I went on Magellan GPS today and I cannot make any “comments” or get anywhere that I can make a comment on someone else’s page. It has been over 3 weeks and no answer or resolution to problem. HMMmmm I wonder if Magellan has locked me out of there site??  


A coworker has been given the run around by MagellanGPS ( for several weeks over an issue with the software saying he has map updates available but when he goes to the site to get the updates, the server says he has the latest update.  He has been talking with several customer service representatives and tech support specialists to no avail.  Now, his posts on the MagellanGPS FB page have been removed and he has been blocked from their site.  Please help me in spreading the word.